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Life has been nothing if not an adventure and I take that to heart daily.  I find inspiration in the lines of peoples’ faces, the juxtaposition of the sweet with the salty, the ability to change perspective by changing the view.

I’m originally from the suburbs of Chicago and have spent my life observing the human condition, often fascinated by the extremes.  I went to the University of Iowa in an attempt to use photography to study people.  When my parents let me know they thought art was a hobby and I’d need to get a degree that led to a job, I switched to Broadcasting and Film (ha!).

After beginning my work life as an assistant to a scientist researching at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in the San Blas Archipelago of Panama studying coral reef sex, I moved to London and then Glasgow, working as a medical photographer.  By chance, I got an interview at the BBC in Glasgow – they were looking for someone to start their internet presence…in Gaelic (thank you, Ken MacQuarrie!).

My world continued to get wider as I moved into making documentary film, my first about the US collegiate Greek rush process (BBC) and my second about people dating over the age of 50 (ITV). I returned to the US after 7 years, where my focus has been on true crime programming – having the privilege of asking people questions about their most intimate experiences of life, love and death.

Obviously, this is the glossed over version of a life lived with intensity, so I’m hoping you’ll read my blog for the nuggets that taught me a thing or two about a thing or two.

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History Channel / PBS / Oxygen Discovery / A&E / BBC / ITV

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